Jedi Soul Jah Knights (JSJK)

JSJK is the most exclusive club in the world.  Do you want to de-program from the Matrix and join the .05%?  

This is the training you need in order to learn vital Jedi Soul Jah skills including secret sacred wisdom, special mind tricks and ultimately useful life hacks.  

And no, this is not a bunch of bullshit - these are the REAL TRUTHS of how the universe functions and how to operate within it for a ultimately happy and satisfying life.  

Are you living the Best Life Possible?  If not, then it's time to GET STARTED with THE PROGRAM!



There Will Only Ever Be 1000 Founding Knights of the Jedi Soul Jah Order


All Prospective Knights must pass The Program


The Program is a 90 Day Challenge for Revolutionary Spiritual & Vibrational Change.  

There are also 14 Pre Required Books that Must be Read.


Learn More about The Program and How to Get Started

Jedi Soul Jah Knight Intensive Training


Each year 6 multiple 2-3 week intensive training sessions which consist of 10 prospective Knights are held.   This is a total of only 60 knights per year.   

These training sessions will occur in several major cities thorugh the World (in English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Hindi).  This will only occur for 20 years or a total of 1200.  

Of these 1200, only 1000 will be given the official title and regalia of the Jedi Soul Jah Knight.

The Master Knight's Roundtable

From the 60 Knights given the intensive training each year, 5 outstanding recruits will be chosen to participate in the most special Master Jedi Training sessions to be held in super private locations on remote island locations throughout the world.  

Each of these Master Knights will be given official spiritual lineage and the non-transferable rights to continue teaching the Master Jedi Soul Jah Knight's Secret Knowledge.

Do You Have What is Takes to Become One of the 100 Master Jedi's of the Roundtable?